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6-28-19 update:  added the July 27th Fun Fly, Picnic, U control,  and Steak out dinner.    Open this link    then open the July calendar and scroll down

6-28-19 update:   added the July 13th Big Bird Event  Open this link     Then open the July calendar and scroll down.

6-28-19 update:   The club meeting for July 4th is canceled due to the holiday.  the next club meeting is  scheduled for July 18th


6-10-19 update:   added the cancellation of the Great Lakes Warbird and Scale Event  open this link

5-30-19 update:  added the cancellation of the W.O.W. event.. open this link to the W.O.W. Event

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3-31-19 update:   No events are scheduled for May


4-19-19 update: 

The 2019 RCCD Mini Toledo Show

Event Director Bruce Thoms

The regularly scheduled club meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a brief session of essential club business, the treasurer’s report and holding the 50/50 raffle, thus making way for the start of the

Mini Toledo show.

The show started off with the delivery of the piping hot pizzas delivered right on time. The deep dish pizzas had a variety of toppings to satisfy everyone’s palate. The soft drinks were on ice and the coffee was steaming. Jerry Laperriere our culinary chief had the kitchen set up efficiently so the food line flowed smoothly without delay.

Bruce the event director made sure everyone had an opportunity to get a couple of slices of pizza and a drink while he laid out the agenda of the show. Due to the limited time given to us by the senior center’s closing time of 9:00 pm the amount of presentation time allowed for each entry was kept relatively brief. All the presentations were managed to be squeeze in with little time to spare.

Bruce’s plan for the event was unique. Any plane was eligible to be entered as long as it wasn’t flown by the person who entered it. There would be no judging of the planes, but a prize was given to each person entering a plane. So in essence “everyone was a winner” and all were “the best in show”.

In closing, the prizes were brought in by Bruce and Dan Hamann. The prizes were cases of a variety of premium adult beverages. Each participant was given an opportunity to choose from any of the beverages to make up their own personal six pack to take home with them. An event enjoyed by all.

photos above by John Bush

4-6-19 update:

The Annual Club Mini Toledo Show is scheduled on 4-18-19 @ 7:30pm, a non sanctioned event– director- Bruce Thoms.   This show is held right after the brief club meeting at the Tucker Senior Center……

Pizza and Soft Drinks will be available

Have a couple of slices of Pizza & Enjoy the Show

Bring the plane you want to enter in the show, doesn’t matter if you have an ARF, a  kit, a scratch built or you bought it used and did repairs or updated it– all are welcome.         THE ONLY REQUIREMENT FOR ENTRY IS THAT IT HAS  NOT BEEN FLOWN BY YOU. This is a show and tell presentation, so be ready with all your information and specs. for your plane. For the Mini Toledo Flyer and information form open the link below

Mini Toledo 2019

4-9-19 update:   The Spring Field Prep and Clean-up is schedule for 4-20-19 am………“POSTPONED”… date to be determined


3-31-19 update:   No events are scheduled for March


3-31-19  update:   No events are scheduled for February


01-27-19 : The Annual RCCD Swap Meet          (see 2-11-19 update below) (see 2-8-19 update below) (see 1-6-19 update below)

01-01-19 : The Annual New Year Day Flying       (see 1-2-19 update below)

2-11-19 update submitted by Paul Newby (event director) : 

On January 27, 2019 the Radio Control Club of Detroit held it’s 23rd Annual Swap Meet at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Warren, Michigan. All 30 tables were rented to 25 individual vendors. Due to a conflicting booking the hall wasn’t available until 9:00 PM on Saturday Evening for the helping members to get access to the room for set-up. Due to their hard work and proficiency, it only took 45 minutes to have the hall ready for the meet.

The set-up team consisted of the following associates:

Tom Franks, Cathleen Glynn, Kevin Glynn, Hank Lawson, Dennis Legowski, Herb Mills, Nancy Newby, Paul Overfield, Chris Singer, Bruce Thoms

Sunday morning at 7:00 AM we opened the doors to the vendors. Cold temperatures and a blanket of snow in the early morning hours greeted us. Thanks to Phil Laperriere on the mop, no one fell on the slippery floor. Then came the job of getting all the vendors checked in and directed to their assigned tables. A big thanks to Dan Hamann for keeping the process under control.

The kitchen crew went to work and started setting up the waffle irons and mixing the batter to crank out breakfast. Jerry Laperriere honored me with the first waffles off the griddle. Hot waffles topped with blueberries, maple syrup and whipped cream and a steaming cup of coffee! The only way it could have been better is if I was still in my jammies!

Thanks again to the following people who worked the event. David Biegas, Cook, Cheryl Dobson, Food Service, Pat Dobson, Cook, Judith Festerman, Food Service, Cathleen Glynn, Airplane Raffle Ticket Sales, Kevin Glynn, Airplane Raffle Ticket Sales, Dan Hamann, Vendor Check-in, Entrance Ticket Sales, Jerry Laperriere, Cook, Phil Laperriere, Floor Maintenance, John Miklas, 50/50 Ticket Sales, Herb Mills, Vendor Check-in, Entrance Ticket Sales, Airplane Kit Sales, Eunice Sulkowski, Food Service

Throughout the day we called ticket numbers for the visitor door prizes. One by one winners were allowed to choose from several RC related items. All the items were priced right around the cost of admission so about a dozen of our guests (almost) got in free.

At 10:30 we had the 50/50 Raffle Drawing. The lucky winner, Roger Wilfong won $96.00. Roger generously returned $40.00 of his winnings back to the club. Thank you Roger for your support.

This year we held a raffle for an airplane. We had 4 planes to choose from, thanks to the outstanding generosity of Mrs. Marilyn Varilone. She said Ernie would have wanted to provide the planes for the benefit of the club. The ticket was drawn and Phil Laperriere was the lucky ticket holder. Phil opted for the E-Flite F4U Corsair. Phil, maybe we should have a moment of silence in honor of Ernie when you maiden that baby. I know I’d like to be present to see that bird fly for the first time. Other club members may be, as well.

Eventually the clock struck 12 (Noon) and it was time for all good things to come to an end. After the vendors packed their remaining products back into their vehicles, the clean-up began. Again, thanks to the efforts of our members the tables and chairs were stowed, the floor mopped and swept and the lights turned out by shortly after 1:00 PM. After 23 years, this meet can run it’s self! Well almost.

The Tear Down/Clean-up crew was made up of the following people:

Cathleen Glynn, Kevin Glynn, Phil Laperriere, Herb Mills, Paul Overfield, Bruce Thoms, Don Veres

I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a big thank you to Jim Lundberg, our Public Relations person. Jim helped promote the event by reaching out to the other Michigan Clubs and local newspapers to announce the event. Thanks again Jim.

We did our best to remember all those who were involved to help make this year’s Swap Meet the great success it was. If I missed someone, please bring it to my attention so proper recognition can be made public. You should all be proud of the fantastic job you did to pull off yet another great event.

See you all next year same time (?), same place!

Paul Newby (event director)

Radio Control Club of Detroit

Webmaster’s note: Since there were no photos taken at the swap meet and no photos of Paul in his “jammies”, I included an old photo of Paul taken at one of our events. see photo above



2-8-19 update submitted by Jerry Laperriere:   Culinary help (Dave Biegas, Pat Dobson, Judy Festerman, Eunice Sulkowski, Cherl Dobson, Jerry Laperriere) for the 1-29-19 RCCD Swap Meet;  Menu Included waffles, hot dogs and beverages;

1-6-19 update:      The “Annual RCCD Swap Meet “ is scheduled for January 27, 2019….Open 9:00am to 12:00pm.   (for further info open the RCCD Swap Meet Flyer below PDF)

RCCD Swap Meet Flyer 2019 PDF


1-2-19 update:    The 2019 New Year Day flying was held as Scheduled even though the weather didn’t cooperate……Cold, very gusty, dark overcast, occasional sleeting.  The turnout was small, but there were about 10 members that braved the nasty conditions. Phil Laperriere and Jim Lundberg, each brought their versions of hot chilly to warm us up. Willie McMath changed the combination on all the locks and all reinstalled by Phil. Our new 2019 president Bruce Thoms (flying electric) had the honor of being the first to fly at the field in 2019. Paul Overfield (first to flying glow motor) second to fly at the field in 2019.

2019 New Year Day Flying

photos & editing by Rattlesnake


12-14-18 Christmas party update: The Christmas party was held as scheduled and all the members and their partners that attended, enjoyed the joyful Christmas decorations and the friendly atmosphere present within the hall. Attending the party was a great opportunity for all present to gather and meet the new members and their partners. It was also a chance to exchange Christmas greetings and possibly update their personal year long activities with some of the members since the last time they saw them.

The 2018 executive board hosted the activities at the party and introduced the all new incoming 2019 executive board. There was a number of Christmas gifts awarded to the attendees by the raffle tickets given when entering the hall. There was a 50/50 raffle held to add to the excitement.

The buffet style dinner with a wide choice of food was excellent, along with the open bar… all served by the friendly staff of Tina’s Country House and Gardens. Many thanks goes to Chris and Julie Singer for their effort in putting together this excellent Christmas Party.

See pictures below:

Photos by Bruce Thoms

                                                                                     Photo by Herb Mills

12-9-18 update:  As a reminder, the Annual RCCD Christmas Party will be held this coming Tuesday the 11th of December at Tina’s Country House and Gardens located at 50828 North Ave, Macomb, MI , Just South of 23 Mile Rd. The time is from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

NOTE:    Please call Chris Singer at (586) 421-9889… he may still have three tickets available for the party.

The Annual Club Christmas Party is scheduled for Tuesday 12-11-18.

10-17-18 posting:      Hello Club Members,

It’s that time of year again and that means the annual RCCD Christmas Party!!!    The date is Tuesday the 11th of December  at Tina’s Country House and Gardens

See the Flier   rccd2018   for the address but it is the same place as last year.

Tickets will be $26.00 per person. This is just slightly more than last year due to some increased costs. Tickets will go on sale the 18th of October at the regular club meeting.

You may also contact Chris Singer via phone (586)421-9889 or email at   Either way we look forward to seeing you all there.

Thank You,

Chris and the Board


10-14-18 posting:     The Fall Field Winter Prep was held as scheduled on Saturday morning 10-13-18 starting at approx. 8:00am. Larry C. was there early organizing the plan of the day.  Dave B. had the kitchen set-up and the coffee brewing with the donuts on stand by for those who didn’t yet have their breakfast at home. There were some members already in action moving tables making room for the shelter enclosure build, and also the tractor was on it’s way to the field driven by Mike S. , all by 8:00 am. There was a continuous incoming flow of club members most of them were there by 8:30am with tools in hand and ready for action.  Larry C.  had the members banding together in teams; some working on rebuilding three old start up tables in dire need of repair and one picnic table also in need of repair, some transporting the dis-assembled shelter walls, some repairing the damaged walls, and another team erecting the walls. In the mean time the grille was lit and the food was being prepared by Pat D. & Dave B. and ready to be served by 10:45am. By then, the teams were basically complete with their assignments and ready to chow down. Another mission that was accomplished, the kitchen pantry, fridge, and freezer were cleared out of food and served at a very reasonable price–“donation”. Dave B. and Maria B. were going to return Sunday for the final clean up the grille, fridge, and freezer in preparation for the winter shut down . There were a couple of odds and ends on the shelter, that were taken care of by some members after the meal. The weather started off in the morning as forecast-ed (which was a good working temp) but later at meal time the wind picked up and the temp seemed to drop, changing the plans for those who brought their planes to fly afterwards. So at this point, all club members were ready to leave by approx. 12:30. It was a great day and a lot was accomplished.

The club members there enjoyed the camaraderie of being there and working with their fellow club members. Typically , and as usual, the guys were in their jovial mood, razzing each other and it seemed everyone there had their turn in the “Barrel”….all in great fun. A big THANK YOU ALL for your effort in making this a great day.

Photos by Herb Mills below

photos by Rattlesnake below

The Field Winter prep  is scheduled for Saturday 10-13-18 at the RCCD flying field.                           (Rain Date: 10/15)  

All the long range weather forecasts projects…Saturday 10/13,  20% / 0 in, Intervals of clouds and sunshine, High 51F, Winds N at 5 to 10 mph. Keep in mind this is long range and the weather may change as we get closer to the 13th. The 8:00 am start looks like the following.

8:00 am 38.8 °F 36 °F 34.4 °F 84% Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy 16% 0 in 4 mph N 50% 30.02in

Larry Chaltron has scheduled the start time at 8:00 am to do the winter prep and to erect the winter shelter enclosure. Bring your warm clothes, gloves, hand tools, hammer, battery power drill, pry bars, rakes, shovels, etc.

Weather permitting…….Dave and Maria Beigas will have coffee and donuts there to start………….and at approx. 10:00 to 10:30 am they will follow up with a gourmet Grilled serving of hamburgers and tube steak (hot dogs), with soft drinks, bottled water, and potato chips. The pantry, fridge and freezer has to be completely cleaned out for the winter, so all the food and drinks will be available at tremendously reduced prices.



9-9-18 posting:   The Tom Brett Memorial Pattern Contest started off with the practice day as scheduled on Friday 9-7-18. Early Friday morn the boundary lines were laid out on the field, then the practice commenced followed by a lunch. After practice Friday evening, the landing strip area was re-mowed with the mower blades lowered to the minimum setting to accommodate the small wheels of the pattern planes. The weather forecast  for the weekend was not very favorable. Saturday was breezy and cool but was better then the forecast for Sunday. It was decided that it would be better to take advantage of Saturday’s weather and try to fit the complete flying schedule in on Saturday. Thanks to the effort of all the fliers, and our kitchen crew serving lunches in shifts that “mission was accomplished”. The flying skills of the contestants  were called to order to spite the breezy conditions. The flying scheduled for Sunday was cancelled, and the awards were handed out Saturday. It was a good event and a great showing of the camaraderie among the contestants.  A big “THANK YOU” to Peter VanHeusden for his effort in this event and all he does for the club.

To see the photos of the event, left click on the underlined link below:

Pictues of Event

9-4-18 Added flyer:   Tom Brett Memorial Pattern Contest_2018-2

The Tom Brett Memorial Pattern Contest is scheduled for Fri/Sat/Sun  9-7, 9-8, 9-9, 2018 held at the RCCD flying field.

Friday is practice day, Saturday and Sunday are event days. This sanctioned event is open to any AMA member to compete in the NSRCA pattern classes. For further information regarding NSRCA (the National Society of Radio Controlled Aerobatics),  event classes and their maneuvers … click on this link….

RCCD-RHM4S-2018-1 7-22-18

The 2nd Annual Russell Hope-4-stroke Memorial Fly was held as scheduled on Saturday 8-4-18. The weather was excellent for flying. The sky was picture perfect blue with a few clouds accenting the aircraft as they peppered the sky above the Wetzel Memorial Flying Field. The attendance was great with many of the RCCD club fliers along with the visiting club fliers, their families and their crews. The bleachers were filled with spectators and visitors brought in by many well placed signs along the roadways leading to our field. The kitchen was in full operation led by Dave & Maria with the outstanding help of Pat, Theo, Patti, and Eunice.    A hardy Thank You to the event director Chris Singer, co-director Mike Schafka, flight boss Gordon Gibbons, and the ground crew.

The generous gifts of the all the sponsors of the event will be remembered by all.














The 2nd Annual Russell Hope-4-stroke Memorial Fly is scheduled for Saturday 8-4-18  held at the RCCD flying field.

The Club Fun Fly , Club Project planes, Steak out & C/L Event was held as scheduled on Saturday 7-21-18. The attendance and participation was light due to the all day threatening weather. Unfortunately there was rain and no shine. The fun fly event was interrupted throughout the day due to the off and on rain showers. Those who participated in the fun fly were awarded prizes. The fun fly director, Jim Lundberg did an outstanding job organizing and running the event.    There were a few club project planes entered in the fun fly. The control line event was canceled.     The rain stopped just before 4:30, when the steak dinner was served. The culinary group Jerry Laperriere, Dave and Maria Biegas set-up the kitchen, grilled the steaks and worked the kitchen, and cleaned up, and Patty Fitch prepared the delicious potato salad and desserts. All combined, they did an outstanding job.

The Club Fun Fly , Club Project planes, Steak out & C/L Event is scheduled for Saturday 7-21-18 held at the RCCD flying field–rain or shine. This was confirmed at the club meeting held on 7-19-18.

RCCD Club Fun-Fly Announcement 7-21-18

This is also our Steak Cook Out. The dinner will be served starting at 4:30 pm.

Let Jerry Laperriere know if you’re coming.

The price this year is $10.50 per dinner.  This is the same as last year.

Dinner will be the 8oz sirloin steak along with potato salad, tossed salad with a choice of dressings, a hot vegetable and a desert.

Coffee and soft drinks will be available.

Please get your request for a reservation in by Thursday the 19th of July (the meeting night ).

You may also E-Mail him at …   

I look forward to seeing all of you there.


RCCD President

The Field Clean Up is scheduled for Saturday 7-14-18 held at the RCCD flying field. (details to follow) Cancelled

RCCD Big Bird 2018 flyer

The Big Bird- Large Scale Event was held as scheduled. The weather Gods were finally cooperative  this weekend with temps in the mid 80’s with low humidity and a favorable mild breeze. The event went very well. It was well attended by a large number of visiting fliers with their crews. The bleachers were filled with spectators spilling out onto lawn chairs and standing room along the safety fence line. The club members supported the event with their hard work and with their flying of their large aircraft. The flight line was well organized thanks to the “Air Boss” Karl Graebner sending out a continuous stream of large aircraft filling the sky at the Wetzel Memorial Field. There were large aircraft from all eras of flight including a turbine powered jet. The Kitchen was busy and the culinary crew was outstanding supplying the delicious meals and treats. A special thanks to the CD’s Lou Tisch, Mike Schafka, Don Veres, and Jim Lundberg our promotional coordinator. A very special thanks to the sponsors donating their products  as  prizes for this event.     (For photos of the event, see below)




The Big Bird – Large Scale Event is scheduled for Saturday 7-7-18 held at the RCCD flying field.  Pilot meeting starts at 9:45 am and flying starts at 10:00 am. For further information see 2018 BIG BIRD promo below.

2018 BIG BIRD promo

For the Free Press write up click on this link

6-30-18  E.A.A. BREAKFAST @ 7:30 am – 11:30am  (We need to do this to help RCCD retain its Gold Leader Club designation and reputation as a premier club.) Bring your best looking model for static display.

The E.A.A. Fly-in Breakfast was held as scheduled. The weather was uncooperative with almost record breaking heat and humidity creating a rather unfavorable flying condition for the full scale aircraft flying in. Many pilots and their passengers drove in instead to enjoy the delicious breakfast and enjoy the camaraderie of all the fellow aircraft enthusiast whether full scale or model. The weather also affected the participation of the RCCD members and their aircraft on static display. The heat, humidity and bright sunshine also took it’s toll on the models on display. Many RCCD members came for the breakfast and a short review of the full scale planes and models that were there.  Jim Lundberg (the CD for RCCD) along with Phil laperriere were well prepared for the event and brought the club tables, handout flyers, magazines, and a pop up canopy and had it all set up by 6:45 am anticipating a larger crowd. Discounting the weather, the event did attract a lot of spectators that enjoyed all the aircraft on display.


RCCD War Birds & Scale 2018 flyer


The War Bird and Scale Event was held at the RCCD flying field as scheduled on Saturday 6-16-18. This was another weekend with threatening weather, but that didn’t detour the adventurous visiting fliers, crews, spectators, club members fliers and working club members. They all pitched in to make this event a success. A special thanks to the culinary crew for their great grilled lunches and treats. The co- CD’s did a great job in organizing the event and gathering the pilot raffle prizes donated by the generous sponsors of the event…………Thank you all……..For photos, see the next two items below.




WOW 2018 flyer


The 2018 WOW Event was held at the RCCD flying field as scheduled on Saturday 6-2-18 and on Sunday 6-3-18.  Despite the threatening and intermittent rainy weather on both days, the event  was well attended by club members, visiting pilots and their crews, and spectators in the stands. The flying was great and there were  no major crashes or losses. A deserving “THANK YOU” to all that participated in the event, whether you were flying or spotting, working in registration, working the flight line, selling the raffle tickets, setting up the equipment, cooking and serving the delicious lunches and snacks, announcing on the PA, or cleaning up afterwards.  A special thanks to the co- CD’s John McCormick and Phil Laperriere…….For photos, See the next three items below.

2018 WOW EVENT #1 of 2 Saturday photos by Willie McMath

2018 WOW EVENT #2 of 2 Saturday photos by Willie McMath

2018 WOW EVENT Sunday 6-3-18 photos by Willie McMath