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If you have model aviation/hobby items for sale, and you want to advertise the sale on the club website, send an email to the webmaster.

Your email addressed to the webmaster should open and then you fill out the following information:

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Your email should contain your exact information, and your exact description of the item/s you have for sale. The content of your ad as shown in your email, will be arranged to fit the form on the website, but the content will remain “exactly” as you have written it, with no further editing.

Please advise when the items are sold, so the ad can be removed from the website. After 90 days the ads will be removed, unless advised by you, the items have not been sold.

ADS ARE LISTED FOR RCCD MEMBERS ONLY and no ads will be listed for any non-members/sales persons to promote their products or services.


Contact:   Herb Mills    (248) 561-8350

Our current club wear inventory prices haven’t changed in a couple of years. We will keep the current prices for the current inventory the same until this inventory is sold out. The photos shown are only representative and may have different styles (as in hats, some polo’s have pockets, some not). All current T-Shirts have printed logos only on the backs, pockets on the front, as they have always been.

A new vendor search is underway, meaning since virtually most over wear products are produced off shore, expect prices to change in the future due to the trade issues.



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Phoenix Tiger Shark F20 - George Dudek
Phoenix Tiger Shark F20 arf new in box

Bayard Temple
586 997 1490
K&A P-38 - George Dudek
K&A Models P-38 Lightning 50 in wing span, electric or slope glider

Bayard Temple
586 997 1490
Warbirds-Larry Penn
Planes (1) P38 top flite 60 in wing , built and painted, super tiger engine. (2) Corsair top flite 60 wing with retracts , built and painted, super tiger engine (3) B 17 royal kit 96 in span it in primer (4) P51 60 in span top flite built with retracts (5) P51 60 in span top flite kit Radios (2) futaba 72mhz AM 6 channel (2) futaba 72mhz pcm 1024 6 channel

Bayard Temple
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Stik fuselage
One large Stik type fuselage with tail and landing gear. Appears to have been made from a door skin. 45\" long (firewall to tail), takes a 12 1/4\" chord wing. Can deliver to the club field if interested.

Bayard Temple
Various Wings
Dad was a rescuer of lost wings. I have more than I need. These are free. Use them for a scratch build project, replace a damaged wing, or spare wood. Measurements (right to left) Stik type wing: 58\\\"span, 12\\\" chord. Good shape except covering and RH tip. Nut-In-NU: 59\\\" span, 10\\\" chord. Molded wing tips, RH damaged. White: 57\\\" span (half there), 10\\\" chord. Silver: 54\\\" span (little more than half), double taper 16-12\\\" (P51?) All are semi symmetrical except the silver, which is a flat bottom airfoil. Can bring to the field if interested.

Bayard Temple
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