Radio Control Club of Detroit Events Page

RCCD holds many events throughout the year. Most are more social than competitive, but all involve enjoying the hobby and the people involved in it. Below are the annual (or mostly annual) events that are held with a brief description and links to photos from previous years’ events. Click the calendar link to see the current year event info.

Norm Myszynski puts together Youtube videos of many of the events. To view those, visit his Youtube channel here.

New Years Flying

Traditional event to see who is foolish enough to brave the weather and claim the first flight of the year at the field.


Swap meet

Just as the name implies, this is an opportunity to thin (or add to) the herd in your hobby ‘hangar’.(Also an opportunity to swap some “bull” stories!)


Mini Toledo

Typically held in place of the meeting immediately after the big Toledo Weak Signals R/C Show, this is a chance for club members to show off their winter projects. Only rule is that whatever you bring, you cannot have flown it!

2019    2020   2022   2023    2024

IMAC Summer Kick Off

A new event started in 2023, this brings out scale aerobatics competitors flying sequences similar to the full scale aerobatics aircraft.


Watts Over Wetzel (WOW)

A two day celebration of electric flight. Some of the best known names in this segment of the hobby have been known to stop by to be part of the fun.

2018    2019    2020

Big Bird

An event specifically for the ¼ scale and up segment of the hobby.

2012    2013  2020  2022  2023

Fun fly

Just as the name implies. A series of fun, semi-competitive events for club members. Actual events vary year to year.

2019     2020   2023

Russ Hope 4 Stroke Rally

Named for a long time club member with an affinity for 4 stroke engines.

2020     2022    2023

Scale and Warbirds

In the past this had been a qualifying event for the U.S. Scale Masters. It has evolved into an event that allows fliers to show off their skill in reproducing full size aircraft and planes used by military around the world.

2020    2022  2023

Tom Brett Memorial Pattern

Named in honor of an early member of the RCCD and international precision aerobatic competitor, this event showcases pilots’ skills in performing precise routines with their aircraft in a truly competitive, yet friendly, setting.

2019    2020   2022   2023

Club Picnic

End of the season club member event. Typically the last event prior to the flying field being prepped for the winter.


Christmas Party


Field Work (aka “Work Parties”)

Occasional group maintenance work is needed to keep the field in good condition. The main events are in the spring (field opening) and fall (field closing).

Fall 2020       Summer 2021 Paint Party     Charging Station