2023 Club Fun Fly

2023 RCCD Fun-Fly  Contest Winners

Contest Name         1st Place Winner      2nd Place Winner      3rd Place Winner

Ring Drop                       Ray Milio                 Scott Gilkey                 Herb Mills

Touch and Go                 Scott Gilkey             Ken Sulkowski               Herb Mills

Climb and Glide              Scott Gilkey                Jim Towe                      Pascal Roy

Blind Flight                    Scott Gilkey                  Ray Milio                  Ken Sulkowski

Looper                        Pascal Roy                Scott Gilkey                  Ray Milio

Dead-Stick Landing      Scott Gilkey                Pascal Roy                   Ray Milio

Contest Director Comments:

I want to thank the seven (7) RCCD Members who participated in some or all of the six (6) Fun-Fly Contests.  They really brought our Fun-Fly Event to life through their friendly participation and lively competition.  This was the most participants in recent years and I am looking forward to having more Fun-Fly participants next year.  All RCCD Members have a full year to train and practice for the 2024 Fun-Fly Contests and the possibility of becoming a contest winner.

Also I want to thank our fine Culinary Staff for supporting the Fun-Fly Event by energizing both the participants and club spectators with their delicious hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and beverages.  Also I want to thank Bill Sherrill who assisted me by being the recording judge of each event keeping track of each participant’s contest score.   A big thank you also goes to the RCCD Board of Directors by providing $250 in financial support that went towards the purchase of 18 Contest Placement Prizes and 36 Blind Draw Prizes.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at next year’s 2024 Fun-Fly!

Jim Lundberg – Contest Director