Last updated 10/25/21


News/Upcoming events: 10/25: Due to the recent rain, the tilling of the field has been rescheduled to the week of 11/1 with the work party to install the fabric field moved to 11/6…10/13: Check out the progress pics for the fabric runway install here…7/12: The shelter has been painted! Check out the pictures from the paint party here01/23: Check for new listings in the for sale page…


Upcoming Club events for October:

10/7: Regular Club Meeting 7:30 pm at the Tucker Senior Center

10/21: Regular Club Meeting 7:30 pm at the Tucker Senior Center

10/29: Fabric Runway field prep (tilling/rolling)

10/30: Fabric Runway Installation 10:00 am at the field

Upcoming Club events for November:

11/1: Fabric Runway Field Prep (tilling) <during the week>

11/4: Regular Club Meeting 7:30 pm at the Tucker Senior Center

11/6: Fabric Runway Installation 10:00 am at the field

11/18: Regular Club Meeting 7:30 pm at the Tucker Senior Center


The Radio Control Club of Detroit is a non-profit organization dedicated to the  preservation and advancement of model aviation as a hobby. We invite all types of RC model aviation supported by the AMA. The club currently promotes Scale, Giant Scale, Precision Aerobatics,  and Scale Aerobatics. We also promote sport control line flying. We are proud to have top national competitors within our ranks.

 It is our hope our club can provide a fun and friendly atmosphere for everyone while safely participating in this great hobby. We encourage all members and guests to abide by all the AMA and Club safety rules. These safety rules are posted on this site and at the field on the wall under the shelter.


For anyone wanting to join the club, whether it’s a new membership or a renewal; open this link to the RCCD MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM 2019 and read through it. Contact either Willie McMath or Dick Babisch by phone for further information, their phone numbers are on the form.

If there are any questions or comments regarding the website please contact me by email  webmaster@rccd.org 

Assistant/s: any and/or all club members, who send in their thoughts, articles and/ or photos.