2023 Mini Toledo

The Mini Toledo event was held 4/20 in place of the regular club meeting.

Keeping with the recent past, Bruce Thoms arranged “prizes” of adult beverages for all those who brought their new, unflown planes to share.

The pizza and pop went down well too. Look below to see the images from the night.

Bill Sherrill and his stick

Dan Hamman and his Valiant

Dennis Legowski and the foam “found plane” rescued by Tim Toutant.

Frank Drake’s SkyVista

Hank Lawson and his Noel Hunt designed Stealthy

Herb Mills and his Waco bipe

Jim McCoul and his scratch built Sinbad with power pod added

John Miklas with his AJ Aircraft Laser 230Z

Ken Sulkowski and his RCM Scooter

Larry Penn and his scratch built Piper L4

Lou Tisch and his giant Super Sportster

Norm Myszynski and his “too pretty to fly” Stinson Voyager

Paul Overfield and his scratch built Pinwheel. The pilot looks suspiciously familiar….