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The club meeting presentation response by club members has been great. Thank you for your presentations at club meetings and for your cooperation in the scheduling of your presentation.

Whether your presentation is an aircraft, boat, car, or a hobby related project, the interest is there. Keep in mind, the presentations can be either a completed project or a project in process.

Due to time constraints, we would like to schedule a maximum of three presentations, with a maximum of ten minutes each per meeting. *see below

Schedule your presentation with Gordon Gibbons. Send him an email at or call him at (586) 484-3585. Leave a message if no answer.

* If your presentation requires more than 10 minutes, it may be a ground school candidate. If so, contact Gordon Gibbons who also schedules ground school subjects.

Please Note: The club meeting presentations and the ground schools are intended for the use of club members only to present or demonstrate. Guests are also  welcome to attend. These club functions are not intended for any non-members/sales persons to promote their products or services.

10-5-18 presentation update:   Thursday 10-4-18 club meeting presentation                                      

by Jim McCoul

Photo by John Bush

Presentation info to follow

10-5-18 presentation update:   Thursday 10-4-18 club meeting presentation                                     

by Don Veres

Photo by John Bush

Presentation info to follow

9-27-18:  The Ground School presentation was held at the EAA chapter 13 hanger at Ray Airport as scheduled and featured John Bush.

John presented the first session of “Electric 101” featuring Electric Powered Flight. He covered the required basic electronics i. e. transmitters, receivers, ESC’s, and batteries. The ground school presentation was well attended. For further information……….Left click on the link below,  to view the PDF file containing the outline of the topics covered.

Electric 101 Presentation

9-21-18 NOTICE:    THE SEPT. 27, 2018 @7:00PM   GROUND SCHOOL WILL BE HELD AT THE E.A.A. CHAPTER 13 HANGER  LOCATED AT THE RAY AIRPORT ON INDIAN TRAIL RD. (SEE “LOCATIONS” IN THE MAIN MENU FOR DRIVING INFORMATION).  JOHN BUSH will present information and a slide show on electric power ARF aircraft; their electric motor set-up, the electronics, servos and push rod installation, CG balancing, etc.    “HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL THERE”

9-21-18 presentation update:   Thursday 9-20-18 club meeting presentation

by  Don VeresPhoto by John Bush

Don Veres 3s – Presented his Tower Hobbies, Hell Cat.  It’s a foam model that went together easily out of the box. This kit comes complete, with the only required adds being the receiver and battery.   Currently, with a 2200ma battery, he is getting about a 7 minute flight. The cost was $109 and included free shipping……… 9-28-18 presentation update by Phil Laperriere

9-21-18 presentation update:   Thursday 9-20-18 club meeting presentation

by Henry DudekPhoto by John Bush

Henry Dudek    – Presented his FMS Dauntless.  It is an ARF that he purchased at Toledo.  He updated the cockpit with several details including the incorporation of battery meter. It is powered with a .70 Magnum 4 stroke, weighs in at 7pounds 8 ounces,  and features retracts along with true to life split flaps & dive brakes. He used 8 channels for the functions and features on his model. He is looking forward to flying it…….. 9-28-18 presentation update by Phil Laperriere

9-28-18 presentation update:   Thursday 9-20-18 club meeting presentation

Ken Sulkowski – Presented his latest garage sale find.  It is a display board with a collection of airplane pictures that were given away in packs of Wing cigarettes from the 40’s and early 50’s.  There were lots of interesting planes pictured on the board.  Sorry, No further info  and no photos are available…. 9-28-18 presentation update by Phil Laperriere

9-7-18 presentation update:    Thursday 9-6-18 club presentation by Dennis Legowsky

Photos by John Bush

Dennis Legowsky – Presented his highly modified 4 star.  It was given to him by Larry Brown and initially finished to look like a P-47.  After stripping it down, it was changed to look like a Hawker Hurricane.  Wing tips were modified along with the tail feathers. He explained that  Ladies leg with Owl represents how to spell his name, leg-owl-sky.  He then made a motion to have a small question contest consisting 11 questions regarding his plane for a $10 1st prize.  It will cost a dollar to participate and any funds generated over 10 will get donated back to the club. Theo Dotson seconded the motion.  Motion passed.  Contest questions and details to follow.          9-14-18 presentation update by Phil Laperriere

9-7-18 presentation update:         Thursday 9-6-18 club presentation

by Larry Brown

See Larry’s photo within Dennis’s presentation photos above.

Larry Brown presented his 1.25 gallon tank fuel storage/dispensing tank.  After seeing a $70  Tank at Toledo, he opted to make his own for $10. He had the crank pump and mounted it to the 1.25 gallon tank.          9-14-18 presentation update by Phil Laperriere

8-3-18 presentation update:    Thursday 8-2-18 club meeting presentation by Ernie Varilone……..     photo by John Bush

Presentation: Ernie Varilone – Presented his 30cc DLE  gas powered 81” Hanger Nine Ultra. The plane tipped the scale at 12.5 pounds. It was a long build, taking 18 months to complete this ARF. He hasn’t flown it yet, however, when he does it will be with an orange receiver.    Ernie reported that the ARF kit was $300.

8-14-18 presentation update above: By  Phil Laperriere

7-25-18 presentations update:   Thursday 7-19-18 club meeting Presentations:

  • Bruce Breske – Presented his in process, rebuild of the Cap that was wrecked at big bird. He demonstrated several of the repairs to bring the plane back to flying condition including the use or 1/32” light ply to smooth out repaired areas. The fuselage is ready to cover.
  • Pascal Roy – Presented his 3D printed Spitfire. He and Alex have $300 invested in the printer.  The file for the plane was purchased on line for $16 and he used about $10 worth of material to print the complete airplane including chases for hardware and wiring, and clip for battery. Complete printing took about 24 hours. The plane weighs 800 grams without the battery. Also, alignment tabs are printed on sections to aid in the assembly. The skin is printed at .4mm.
  • Peter Van did a walk through demonstration of the club’s new web site.  It is done in word press and will scale nicely to tablets and phones.
  • Phil, Thanks for the update

    6-27-18  Ground School update:  Thursday night will be our ground school at the field. We will be doing an Aerobatic Maneuver Demo with Hands on help. Bring an Airplane or just come out and watch.

Below are the links to the Novice and Sportsman Maneuvers for pattern, we’ll be doing some of them for the demo.
You don’t have to be a Pattern guy to enjoy Aerobatic Maneuvers all of these teach good flying skills and will help any pilot enhance their flying ability.

Novice/Club Class

Sportsman Class

Peter   RCCD President

6-22-18 Ground School update:  The ground school scheduled for 6-28-18 @ 6:00pm is held at the flying field…aerobatics demonstrated by Peter Van.