2021 Big Bird Fly In and Tailgate Swap & Fly

9/23: From Lou Tisch:

Checked the field today. Saturated, standing water on all grass parking, both sides of the driveway. U/C field is saturated and soggy with standing water all over.  If we try to use the grass parking areas as well as the U/C field, for parking, we’ll destroy those areas and we’ll have a lot of vehicles stuck up to their axles.

Sadly, I’m pulling the plug.

Big Bird21 & Swap are cancelled.

The Big Bird/Swap and Fly Event has been re-scheduled for September 25th!

Big Bird Flyer

Swap and Fly Flyer


Sep 25 2021


9:00 am - 4:00 pm


RCCD Field


Lou Tisch/John Miklas