Grass 05/24/2019

5-24-19 update:  Another grass cutting and some of the equipment upgrades was scheduled. Ray M, Keith J, and Ray W had open time and were at the field at 1:00 pm as the notice posted on the website stated. This is what took place.

Keith, thanks for moving the tractor from the storage area and returning it to storage, your turn mowing the grass and the photos showing the conditions you guys faced today.
One set of tractor keys are hanging within the shed from the grease gun on the South wall for easy hand off to other mower operators. I think Mike S still has the second set of the tractor keys.

You guys managed to double cut most of the main field in-spite of the very wet condition and was able to knock down the tall grass and high weeds and disperse some of the grass clippings. The first weather front passing through today brought colder temperatures and rain. The rain did show up today earlier then what was forecast calling a halt to your effort.

Next week: The weather forecast starting on Memorial day and continuing through Thursday 5-30-19 of next week either rain or thunderstorms. This leaves next Friday 5-31-19 the last chance to cut and prep the field for Saturday June 1 the first day of the WOW event. The weather forecast for Saturday June 1st is pm showers continuing on Sunday June 2 the second day of the WOW event. The rain starts and continues through June 5th.

Ray W I heard you found the missing major lifting attachment point for the EZ lift. Once installed it will make life a lot easier to remount and remove the finish mower deck. Thanks for taking on this task and confirming Ray M’s findings on the hand push mower that it might be fixable.

Ray M when you weren’t mowing, thanks for working on the old gasoline powered push mower and buying some gas for it. It sounds like it runs on the initial prime but there might be a fuel line leak/s maybe worth saving??  There are three new combination locks on the East shed door along with a set of tractor keys in the shed making everything accessible to all the tractor operators.

Ray M, Keith and Ray W thank you guys for all you have done today. Great effort.

Pete M

see See Keith’s photos below