Calling all RCCD Pilots for loads of fun, laughs and challenges! There is
absolutely no landing fees for participating in any or all of the six (6) planned
events. Come show your flying skills by participating in the Fun-Fly contest
events in which there will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes awarded for each event.
All pilots will receive a raffle ticket for each event they participate in, which if
drawn will qualify them to select a blind grab-bag prize after all the contests are
completed. All participating aircraft must be traditional fixed-wing and engine
Club Fun-Fly Contest Events
Ring Drop: The closest to drop a PVC Ring to the center of a 10 ft. diameter
circle wins.
Touch and Go: Time starts at takeoff as a Pilot performs as many touch and go
maneuvers as possible in two minutes.
Climb and Glide: Pilot will have 20 seconds from takeoff to gain altitude under
power, after which the motor must be cut and the plane kept aloft as long as
possible. (Altitude limited to 400 ft.) Note: No powered gliders.
Blind Flight: Time starts at takeoff; ends upon landing and engine stopped. Pilot
estimates elapse of one minute for flight. Closest actual time to one minute wins.
Looper: Achieve the most loops in one minute of flight. Takeoff is timed from
first liftoff of wheel(s) from the ground.
Dead-Stick Landing: Mark a spot on the runway. Pilot takes off, gains altitude
and kills engine. Land and roll to the target spot. Closest to target wins.

open the following link to view the event flyer

RCCD Fun-Fly Event Announcement 7-27-19



Jul 27 2019


10:00 am - 3:00 pm


RCCD Field