RCCD Regular Club Meeting

We encourage everyone to consider their own situation and make adjustments accordingly.

We want everyone to be safe and healthy and if we follow these guide lines we should be good for future meetings as well.

Prior to coming to the meeting please review and answer the following three questions:
Do you now or in the past 14 days have you had a fever or other flu like symptoms
In the past 14 days have you tested positive for Covid-19
In the past 14 days have you had contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19
If the answer is “YES” please do not come to the meeting.

Mask wearing will be STRONGLY encouraged.
Social distancing is required. Chairs will be appropriately spaced to encourage this
Above all please remember we are in someone else’s facility and do not wish to jeopardize our relationship with them.
Lets all be mindful of each other’s situations and we will be having regular meetings in no time.

Map to Ray Airport

Map to EAA Hangar


May 19 2021


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


EAA Hanger Chapter 13
Ray Community Airport