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by Norm Myszynski

5-7-19  update:

See a video of Willie McMath’s “Loving’s  Love” maiden flight

by Larry Boulet

7-10-19 update:  

Service for Joe Svatora is scheduled on July 16th.
It will be at St. Louis Catholic Church, 24415 Crocker Blvd,
Clinton Township, 48036.  Visitation begins at 10 a.m. with
the funeral service at 11 a.m.  Following the service there
will be a scheduled luncheon.

Please reply to George Dudek, a26flyer@gmail.com, if you

are planning on attending the visitation and luncheon.  This
will assist the family to make appropriate arrangements.
Thank you.


7-5-19 update:  see email below I received from John Bush on 7-4-19


Wednesday (7-3-19) noon I was at the field with Joe McMillan and Jim Towe. Flying our planes. Jim was planning on flying for the first time a close out sale kit for $66.00 and I took a couple pictures of him and the plane after the first flight.

Thought you might be interested in posting them on the website. The cap he is wearing particularly interesting. I believe it show the seriousness at which he takes his hobby and the fact he is having fun as well.

J Bush

On 6-27-19  sad note: Joe Svatora had passed

The Quad Squad missing man formation

6-14-19 update:     Note about Joe Svatora:

Joe a long time RCCD club member and heavily involved in the club activities. He is one of the Quad Squad members that designed and built the club Das Ugly Stick that was the predecessor of all the club project planes. Due to an illness Joe had contracted a couple of years ago, he recently hadn’t rejoined the club. He was often brought to the flying field to observe and to be with his friends and buddies.

On 6-13-19 I received the following email from Joe’s wife Carol:

“Hi friends and family, I want to let you all to know that Joe is now in hospice care at home. He was briefly hospitalized a few weeks ago and has not recovered well from a severe gout infection in his toe, complicated by cellulitis. He brought home a fungal infection in his mouth and throat which makes swallowing very difficult. He has not eaten in a few days and drinks very little. I have a wonderful caregiver who has done hospice for 15 years. She referred me to Reverence Hospice who is now providing comfort care. Joe is up about 5 hours a day but is very tired out most of the time. We’re taking it a day at a time. Carol”

4-12-19 update:   Phil Laperriere will be hosting a raffle this summer.

Get ready for a real sweet raffle this summer on a fully built 80” wing span, ready to go Top Flight T-34 model built from a kit.

That is the plan. Here is the story. A few weeks back, I received a phone call from a gentleman who introduced himself to me as Gerald Arch. He said that he was given my name by the folks over at the Prop Shop, and was looking to donate a plane. After spending some time talking on the phone, and arranged to stop by his house to look at the plane on my way home from work. When I met Gerald in person and he took me in his basement to see his plane, it certainly wasn’t what I expected to see. He presented me with a large, well-built T-34. The plane features Robart air retracts, flaps, and lights. Gerald explained to me that he had been a member of RCCD some years back and Russ Hope was one name he remembered as having worked with him. The plane was built with care and love, taking nearly 5 years to complete. He said that he did it to keep busy. Anyway, he wanted to donate it to the club with the proceeds to go to our treasury as we saw fit. As we worked out the details of the agreement, he also requested an opportunity to see the plane fly. So, I committed to him that we would get the plane flying, then have him out to the field to see it in the air. Afterwards, we would begin selling raffle tickets with a drawing date – TBD. The proceeds from the raffle will go directly to the club treasury. Stay tuned for progress and details.

Phil Laperriere


3-21-19 update:   Noel Hunt’s current project….design and build a stand off scale of the “Supermarine Sea Otter”.

The Supermarine Sea Otter was a British amphibian aircraft designed and built by Supermarine; it was a longer-range development of the Walrus and was the last biplane flying boat to be designed by Supermarine; it was also the last biplane to enter service with the Royal Navy and the RAF. Wikipedia

Manufacturer: Supermarine

First flight: September 23, 1938

Designer: R. J. Mitchell


*I installed the landing gear so I could finesse their placement: – the wheels retract into the lower wing, but don’t bust through the top of it!  The tricky part was getting the geometry correct before ordering the custom build from Robart!  They have to swing back 32 degrees as they retract, but maintain the correct wheel placement/alignment in both the down and retracted positions. See below


*As I began the wing sheeting, I had to locate the wheel wells and cut out the lower sheeting for them. See below

*As I added wing sheeting, I had to simultaneously add the hard-points for the struts, rigging, joiners etc.  I only had to remove sheeting once because I had closed off a hard-point location.  Not too bad.  There are a heck of a lot of 4-40 blind-nuts (T-nuts) in these wings.  8 for the inter-plane struts; 8 for the wing pontoons; 8 for the rigging at the wing roots; and 16 for the straps that hold the wing outers to the center sections.  That’s 40 blind nuts and the ply hard-points that accommodate them.  A lot of work, but they are installed now. The wings are much further along now; construction of the engine nacelle has begun and the wire “skeleton” for the struts has been fabricated including all the solder joints – ready for the strut fairings. See below


*Rigging a biplane at the flying field prior to flying can be a pain.  So for the Sea Otter the left and right wing pairs will remain assembled with all the flying and landing wires in place.  The rigging wires will be functional.  Those CF tubes are really only assembly aids. I did something like this with my SPAD XIII and it works well.  The full size Sea Otter has forward jury struts that hold the leading edges apart at the root when the wings fold.  So all I had to add was trailing edge supports for use during transport.  1/2″ x 1/4″ aluminum angle that was lying around was used. See below

*Since the last update, the engine nacelle has been planked and shaped, and a start has been made on the horizontal and vertical stabilizers. See below


*Until now, anytime I assembled the Sea Otter, there just did not seem to be enough aircraft behind the wings.  So as soon as I could do a mock up, I just had to see how it looks with the extra bits.  Makes a big difference by adding the tail feathers! See below


5-10-19 update:   Since the last update, the fin has been attached and flared into the rear fuselage. The top of the rear fus’ is added. See below

The water rudder/tail wheel is now built too See below

The engine is installed (60 cc Saito 4-stroke gas three cylinder),         I put me in the picture to give some size perspective of the model – 92″ wing span. see below

P.S.    (I found the origin of “scratch building”: A lot of head scratching while building!)
7-10-19 update:  scroll down

Hi Rattlesnake,

I had the Sea Otter assembled for a “photo shoot” this morning. Work continues on it, but the result of much of the recent work is hidden. Servos mounted; Control linkages; custom servo leads for Futaba s.bus wiring; etc. Things that can be seen: the ailerons and flaps are now cut away from the wings and finished; The cowl is trimmed and fitted; strut farings are made and installed. Next up will be the wing-tip floats.

You know the “dry heat” comment you hear about Arizona? How about yesterday’s conditions: 105 deg F, and 3% humidity. And no, I did not forget any digit before or after the three! It is dry!

Hope you are doing well.



The above captions to the photos were taken from the progress emails sent to and  rearranged by the webmaster.

When future build updates for the Sea Otter are received, they will be added to the website here.

4-29-19 update:   Added the completion of George Dudek’s winter project plane……The Bulgaria BF 109

For the history of the plane open this link Bulgaria BF 109ep

Per George Dudek——“My scratch build 1/8 scale reflects Captain Stoyanov’s BF109. The aircraft incorporates Futuba radio equipment, mechanical retracts, Tower Pro.46 engine, flaperons, photo cockpit details, ws 57 inches, length 48 inches and coming in at 6 pounds”.  See photos below

scroll down to review the previous progress updates


3-6-19 update:   George Dudek latest plane repair in progress.

This is my current project to keep me off the “streets”.
It is a Messerschmitt Bf 109. Scratch building using fragments of a previously crashed one, from a few years ago, as a pattern for a new build. I am at the point of doing a final sanding, covering and installing all the mechanical and radio stuff.  I hope this will inspire some to get into building.

3-23-2019 up date: A brief update on the BF 109 build.  I installed and tested the mechanical retracts.  Also started the covering process.  I hope to complete the basic covering this week, if time permits.  

4-2-19 update:  I have made a little more progress on the BF 109.  The photos show the completion of the covering, minus trim items, AF logos and control linkages.  I have installed a Tower PRO .46.  Good therapy to spend time in the workshop.   George D. (Snapahot)

Thanks George great job.


3-4-19 update:   Duwaun Daniel is “wintering” near Delray Beach, Florida. In his spare time he completed his club project plane the “stick 2 It”. He sent three photos of his plane.

He also spends time at a near by flying field and sent a few photos taken at the Palm Beach Radio Control Association’s flying field, located in the West Delray Regional Park. This multi purpose R/C park (paved runway, float flying, Drone racing, off road car track, banked car oval track, and more) was built and is maintained by the state.

Thanks Duwaun for the update………enjoy the weather


1-27-19 update:   A picture of some nice weather for all the cold Michiganders when they are shivering come Wednesday.

Noel & Peter

Say Hi to the gang on the website for me!

Peter G. VanHeusden

1-3-19 update:   Added 2019 updates to “Whats up”, and added the 2018 ARCHIVE divider,






10-1-18:         9-29-18 @ the Field…..info and photos by Dave Beigas

Our “Fall Classic”  60 Degrees and 15 to 20, winds, but we all Flew. Great Day.

The additional few that were present at the field that day, did not make it in the pictures.

9-22-18: There was a search and rescue operation performed at the flying field today! Found one lost airplane…. On Tuesday 9-18-18, Jim Towe was flying his almost brand new Hanger 9, 30 cc Valiant ARF powered by his almost brand new FS-95V Four-Stroke Engine. The plane was last seen inverted flying Northward and downward beyond the tree line on the North side of the flying field. Jim has since made many trips trying to locate the plane or what was left of it…….Until today…..success!!

Nick Schafka ( Mike’s son) brought out his Drone with a live video camera with all the latest “electronic do,dads” and flew it in approx. the same direction the downed plane took. Would you believe, within a few minutes Nick located the downed plane. Jim Towe and Larry Brown set out on foot, carrying a cell phone to receive directions from Nick to retrieve the plane. Nick was able to see Jim and Larry live on his video screen and verbally guided them directly to the plane. They brought back the totaled plane, but the engine and the hardware and possibly the electronics would be salvageable. A lot of happy people at the field were amazed by how this operation all took place and the speed of finding the plane. Many thanks to Nick, Larry.

See the pictures below.

9-20-18:   The Miss Le Mon Challenge Fundraiser presented by Dennis Legowsky for the benefit of RCCD.  During Dennis’s club meeting presentation at the last club meeting  on 9-6-18,  he  made a motion to have a small question contest consisting 11 questions regarding his plane for a $10 1st prize. Theo Dotson seconded the motion. The motion passed. So here we are…………to start the challenge left click on the link below to open up the directions to the challenge.

The Miss Le Mon Challenge Fundraiser


left click on each photo below to enlarge it

9-19-18: Jim McCoul brought his newly designed and beautifully built version of the Sig Kadet to the field. Joe McMillian volunteered to fly the maiden flight. Having made the initial trim adjustments, Joe flawlessly flew the plane and made a perfect landing.

9-15-18: The “U control fliers” started to gather at the RCCD control line circle just before 10:00 am as scheduled. Dick Babisch was at the ready with the pit area cordoned off to protect the planes with their control lines unrolled and laying on the ground. The morning started with perfect weather, but as the morning sun rose higher in the sky, the temperature and humidity followed suit. Even at high noon under the full sun, all the fliers were enjoying themselves flying and sharing a lunch break together. Due to the continuing rise of the heat and humidity, at about 1:45 it was time to call it a day. There were a few spectators watching the action, even one expressed an interest in joining the club.

A big THANK YOU goes to Dick and all the fliers that participated. This proves the almost lost art of flying “U control” is still around, as verified by RCCD’s Willie McMath at 88 years young and still flying R/C and U control…..See his photo in the first column-middle picture.

Photos by Maria Biegas

To see the photos by Willie McMath left click on the link below

photos by Willie McMath Edited by George Dudek


On Saturday 15, 2018 starting @ 10:00am: All you “U controllers” join in the fun.     There will be another “informal gathering” to fly control line at the RCCD control line circle within the R/C flying field at the Wetzel State Recreation Area. This is not an official sanctioned event, just a fun gathering. but you must be an AMA member to fly at the field.  It will be an opportunity to renew old friendships, or inspire a friend that flies control line, but is not a RCCD club member, to fly as our guest at our field. The club field rules and AMA rules will be in effect. Bring your own snack, lunch and drinks.          Contact:    Dick Babisch ……..phone (586) 731-0635

9-3-18:   Norm Myszynski has approx 30 pounds of lead (in one pound ingots) that he wants to donate to club members that want them. He is willing to bring them to the next club meeting scheduled on on Sept 6th…. Contact Norm by phone  586-574-9766 or email  nmyszyns2@comcast.net  with the amount that you want, either one or all. He will bring the amount that is ordered to the meeting.

8-26-18  OLD FRIENDS @ THE FIELD ON 8-20-18

8-15-2018 Field Trip To Yankee Air Museum 

8-11-18 @ THE FIELD photos by George Dudek




7-29-18 @ THE FIELD photos by George Dudek

Saturday 7-28-18 @10:30 am

Hey All you “U controllers” there will be an “informal gathering” to fly control line at the RCCD control line circle within the R/C flying field at the Wetzel State Recreation Area. This is not an official sanctioned event, just a fun gathering, but you must be an AMA member to fly at the field. All the club field rules and AMA rules will be in effect.  Bring your own snack, lunch and drinks.


“A great day and a great time had by all” ……..see photos below

7-28-18 CONTROL LINE GATHERING photos by Maria Biegas page #1 of 2

7-28-18 CONTROL LINE GATHERING photos by Maria Biegas page #2 of 2

7-28-18 CONTROL LINE GATHERING photos by Willie McMath edited by George Dudek

7-19-18 two buddies on a buddy box @ the field



5-27-18 DAVE BIEGAS’S STICK 2 IT # 2

5-25-18 @ FIELD