Current news

“Current News” is where important flying notifications, field issues, comments related to the club website, club issues or club meetings will be posted.

10-14-18 posting:     The 10-13-18 Fall Field Winter Prep completion info added … See “Events”

10-6-18:    added info for the field clean up and the winter prep scheduled for Saturday 10-13-18 starting at 8:00am……see “events”

10-5-18:    added 10-4–18 club meeting presentations made by Jim McCoul and Don Veres …….. see “Presentations”

10-2-18:    added item for sale……..see “About Us” ,scroll down to “Items for Sale” left click and scroll down

10-1-18:     added 9-29-18 @ the Field… and photos by Dave Beigas to “What’s Up”

9-28-18:  added info write-ups to the 9-20-18 club presentations and added Ken Sulkowski’s presentation………see “presentations”

9-27-18: added ground school presentation by John Bush….see “Presentations”

9-24-18 updated flight instructors list in “Contact”

9-23-18 added Club Wear to items for sale in “About Us”

9-22-18: updated “what’s up”:  added a search and rescue operation at the field, info and pictures

9-21-18:    NOTICE:    THE SEPT. 27, 2018 @7:00PM   GROUND SCHOOL WILL BE HELD AT THE E.A.A. CHAPTER 13 HANGER  LOCATED AT THE RAY AIRPORT ON INDIAN TRAIL RD. (SEE “LOCATIONS” IN THE MAIN MENU FOR DRIVING INFORMATION).  JOHN BUSH will present information and a slide show on electric power ARF aircraft; their electric motor set-up, the electronics, servos and push rod installation, CG balancing, etc.    “HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL THERE”

9-21-18  added photos to the 9-20-18 club presentation………see “presentations”

9-20-18 updated “what’s up”:    Added Dennis Legowsky’s challenge as noted in the last club meeting presentations.

9-19-18  updated “whats up”:  Added Jim McCoul’s photo and info of his rendition of the Sig Kadet at the field.

9-19-18 Added  Current Instructors List as of 9-14-18…….See “Contact” in main menu

9-19-18 Added link to the old website….see “about us” scroll down and under Our History, Note….. click on the underlined link to the old website.

9-16-18 updated “what’s up”: added info and photos to the informal control line gathering held on 9-15-18

9-14-18 added presentation info update: By Phil Laperriere to the 9-16-18 club meeting presentations by Dennis and Larry  …..shown in presentations

9-13-18 updated “Events”: There are some changes in the works…. adding pull down menus to some of the items in the main menu, starting with “event”. The photos from the  pattern event  will be delayed. All photos are now posted on Tom Brett Memorial Pattern Contest in “Events”.

9-7-18    Added photos of the 9-6-18 club presentations…….See “presentations”

9-4-18  updated “What’s Up”:    On Saturday 15, 2018 starting @ 10:00am: All you “U controllers” join in the fun.     There will be another “informal gathering” to fly control line at the RCCD control line circle. This is not an official sanctioned event, just a fun gathering……….See “What’s Up”

9-4-18 website update: See “Events”………..Added flyer to the Tom Brett Memorial Pattern Contest.

9-3-18 Updated “What’s Up”:   Added a note from Norm Myszynski. He has appox. 30 pounds of lead weight he would like to donate to club members………see “What’s up”

9-1-18 website update:  See “Events”…… Information added to the Tom Brett Memorial Pattern Contest.

8-28-18 website update: “Items for Sale”  is now in operation. This is where your items for sale will be posted. Go to the main menu and open up “about us” and scroll down to the underlined “Items for Sale” and left click on it. Another screen will open up, then follow the directions on that screen to post your ad. All the info that is requested to be filled out by you, must be completed by you within your  email. If it is not completely filled out, including your name, how you want your contact info listed, etc., it will not be posted. If you want to post a photo, include only one picture you want posted (no photo size restriction). There will not be any editing or completing of your info in the email by the webmaster, but your info will be  arranged to fit the form in the software. The info must be exactly as you want your ad posted.

There will be future minor changes to this area of the website.

8-23-18 flying field up date: …….”CAUTION”………. When passing through the parking area South of our yellow gates, stay away from the burned area on the ground near the  center of the lane leading up to the yellow gates. There have been bonfires lit in the evenings and  broken pallets that contained many nails were used for fire wood. Even though that blacken area was hand clean out by our good neighbor Bob Werderman, Jim McCoul brought in a extra strong magnet and found additional nails in and around that area. See photo below.

8-21-18 flying field up date:   Mike will be cutting the grass at the field on Wednesday morning August 22nd.

Please plan you flying around this.

Peter RCCD President

8-14-18 added presentation update: By Phil Laperriere to the 8-2-18 club meeting presentation by Ernie Varilone…..shown in presentations

8-9-18 FLYING FIELD UPDATE:…..….The new culvert installation is now complete as of 8-9-18 @ 4:00 pm. The work was started as scheduled. The predicted storms did not appear at the work sight. The sun was shining bright and the humidity was high. The work crew worked without taking a break.  Many THANK YOU’S go out to the work crew Led by John Van (Peter’s brother), and Peter Van; Larry Chaltron, Ray Milio, Dave Biegas, and Pete M. providing moral support and taking pictures. (See the photos below)

Pictures of Culvert Install

8-5-18 added photos taken by John Bush of the 2018 4-Stroke Rally   shown in “Events”

8-5-18 added photos taken by George Dudek of the 2018 4-Stroke Rally shown in “Events”



8-3-18 Added club presentation update from 8-2-18 meeting….. see presentations

8-3-18  added photos taken by  John Bush to the WOW and BIG BIRD Event  shown in “Events”

8-1-18 field update…….Mike will be cutting the grass at the field on Friday morning August 3rd in preparation for the 4-Stroke Event Saturday.

Please plan you flying around this.


RCCD President

7-26-18 updated “Contact”:….... added 2018 INSTRUCTORS LIST as of 7-20-18 to “Contact”

7-25-18 field update…….Saturday 7-28-18 @10:30 am, At the ” U control circle” at the field……Hey All you “U controllers” there will be an “informal gathering” at the RCCD control line circle within the R/C flying field at the Wetzel State Recreation Area. This is not an official sanctioned event, just a fun gathering, but you must be an AMA member to fly at the field. All the club field rules and AMA rules will be in effect.  Bring your own snack, lunch and drinks.

7-25-18 added presentations update from the 7-19-18 meeting….see presentations

7-24-18 added photos taken by Bruce Thoms to the WOW Event   shown in “Events”

7-22-18 revisions made to the website per Willie McMath’s request. Add Doug Norris’s name to the 2018 officers and committee head list, and related places on the website, replacing Steve Surbaugh’s name due to Steve’s health issues. Thank you Steve for all the years of service and your hard work for the club.

7-22-18 update: The Russ Hope Memorial 4-Stroke Rally added new flier (see “events”)

7-19,20-18 revisions made to the website due to issues in change over and software updates….affected tips and hints, and locations(repaired).

7-19-18 flying field and Events:  The Club Fun Fly , Club Project planes, Steak out & C/L Event is scheduled for Saturday 7-21-18 held at the RCCD flying field–rain or shine. This was confirmed at the club meeting held on 7-19-18.

7-18-18 Flying field update:  Larry will be cutting the grass at the field on Thursday morning July 19th.  Please plan you flying around this.


RCCD President

7-17-18 Flying field update & Events update:   The Club Fun Fly , Club Project planes, Steak out & C/L Event is scheduled for Saturday 7-21-18 held at the RCCD flying field. (see events for details)

7-12-18 flying field update: the Field Clean up is scheduled for this Saturday 7-14-18. (see events for details) Cancelled

7-5-18 update: The Big Bird/ Scale Event is scheduled for this Saturday 7-7-18. (See events for details).

7-5-18 flying field update:  Larry will be cutting the grass at the field on Friday morning July 6th. Please plan you flying around this.

Peter RCCD President

6-27-18 flying field update: Larry will be cutting the grass at the field on Thursday morning June 28th.  Please plan you flying around this.

Peter     RCCD President

6-22-18 update:  E.A.A. Breakfast will be at Ray Airport on 6-30-18 @ 7:30am -11:30am. Bring your best plane for static display. This is a coop. effort for our Gold Leader status with the A.M.A. (see the event page for the flyer).

6-22-18 flying field update:  The ground school scheduled for 6-28-18 @ 6:00pm is held at the flying field…aerobatics demonstrated by Peter Van. (see presentations page)

6-20-18 flying field update: Larry will be cutting the grass at the field on Thursday June 21st in the morning. Please plan you flying around this.

Peter  RCCD President

6-9-18   Flying Field Update:     On Friday morning (6-8-18) Larry Chaltron “brush hogged” all the paths located on the North side of the flying field. The cleared paths should make it easier to navigate through the brush filled area when retrieving a downed aircraft.

Thanks Larry

6-4-18     See  the WOW event update…. shown in “events” in the main menu.