5-28-19 update grass cutting progress notice

The W.O.W. Event is scheduled for this coming weekend (Saturday June 1 and Sunday
June 2). The grass cutting team has been continuously cutting trying to keep up in between
the continuous rain falls and Thunder storms. Every effort has been made by the team to
overcome the weather, grass and weed growth problem for the W.O.W. Event.
Per club treasurer Dan H, the contracted landscape service is scheduled to trim on Tuesday
Soil conditions are quite wet and soft and exist everywhere at the flying field north of the
yellow gates, thus making parking areas limited at the W.O.W. Event. Please be extremely
careful in choosing where you park. Towing charges may be costly.
Keep checking the club website and your email for notices regarding any field issues.
Thank you for your cooperation,
the grass cutting team–supported by the club president