5-13-19 Update

5-13-19 Update:  Went to the field to install the new combination lock

On Saturday 5-11-19 the second field cut was made starting at approx. 1:40 pm, and then the tractor was returned to the storage area at 4:20 pm.

Earlier in the day there were phone calls and emails made between Mike S, Dave B, and Pete M. After considering the future weather forecast leading up to the re-scheduled field prep and clean up to be held on Saturday 5-18-19 and the fact that the field area had experienced thunder storms in the early morning on Saturday 5-12-19 passing through leaving additional wet conditions, it was decided that the grass and dandelions have grown to a point where an immediate cutting was required.

The members that were flying earlier in the day had left.

Mike was the first to arrive at the field and was there by himself and already went through the check out list on the tractor. He had locked himself in the field area to avoid anyone trying to park beyond the gate, because there was a gathering of hunters and their dogs in training in the main parking area. When I arrived, Mike S was at the wheel of the tractor and already had mowed about 6 passes each way on the main field. He was attempting to cut along the north side of the flight line fence at the East end, when the tractor bogged down and started to sink in the water filled area. He managed to free the tractor by raising the mower deck and clearing the accumulated grass clippings from under the mower deck and around the caster-ed front wheels of the mower deck, he drove the tractor through onto higher ground. This grass cutting has been exceptional this season due the abundance of rain we have been getting. Mike and I took turns and finished the main field and pit area, then we went to the U control area and tested the soil condition there. After running a test area, we decided it was much to wet to attempt to cut.

We are trying to stay ahead of the weather and the growth of the grass. There is another week of rain scheduled before our field prep and clean up. There may be another cut scheduled for Thursday (club meeting day 5-12-19) before the field prep and clean up or on Friday. We are also trying to keep the tractor available for use on the day of the field prep and clean up…..Check the club website and your emails after the next club meeting if the scheduled field clean up is still a go.