FIELD PREP & CLEAN-UP (rescheduled)

5-19-18 update by adding additional photos to the 5-18-19 update:   The Field Prep and Clean- up was held  RAIN OR SHINE.

There was a rain delay due the typical rainy weather that we have been having since April. See the first photo below showing the radar clip that was taken at 6:46 am today.  It was already raining when the gate to the flying field was opened at 7:45 am. It was shortly after that when the members started to show. Jerry Laperriere already had completed his shopping for the donuts, and the food for the lunch, along with the culinary supplies. He had the coffee and donuts ready as the members started to arrive. Not knowing how many members would show, the members were divided into crews and took on the tasks as they arrived. We did have a surprising head start! The shelter walls were removed and were leaning against the spectator fence near the west entrance fence opening by the West shed. After questioning everyone that showed at the field, no one knew who did the removal?? The priority list that was discussed at the club meeting was basically followed even though we knew all would not be completed at this time. The effort was concentrated to ready the field for the W.O.W. event scheduled for June 1st and 2nd.

The photos below along with the captions explain a lot of what was accomplished. There would have to be other field events scheduled between the flying events to complete the remaining items.

The scrap metal from the east shed was taken to a nearby scrap yard by Ray Wahl and he did return with money that will be added to the club treasury. Ray also offered to improve the EZ lift we have on the tractor so it can be used for the quick release and reattaching the mower deck. He also volunteered his storage shed for the additional implements the club owns for the off season storage. Mike S brought the tractor from storage when the rain stopped and attached the roller and the water pump to fill the roller with water for the weight needed. Mike S reviewed the tractor operation with Ray Milio and Ray tried rolling the U control area and it worked great. Having completed that area the main field was next and Ray and Dave B. took turns at the wheel and completed the rolling of the main field. Don Lindquist brought his weed whip and trimmed along the flight line and the flight stations. Art Legato updated the memorial plaque filling it to capacity. There were many more members involved in the work today hopefully they show in the photos.

Many thanks goes out to all that showed and all the effort they put in today. The lunch break that was originally scheduled was canceled due to the members leaving at different times and going home to get some much deserving rest.

Photos and captions by John Bush


5-16-19 update:   PLEASE NOTE—–The field Prep and Clean-up was discussed and voted on that the event will be HELD as rescheduled on Saturday 5-18-19 @ 8:00 am………RAIN OR SHINE…. Dress warm bring your boots, gloves, rain gear if needed, cordless drill, hand tools, rakes, brooms, weed whip, chain saw, etc.   There will be a “to do” list reviewed and posted. Due to the questionable weather forecast for Saturday morning, the Priorities are #1- take down the walls under the shelter,  #2- re-install the field sign on the back side of the shelter,  # 3- fill the roller with water pumped from the drainage ditch,  # 4 using a chain saw, cut the wood from the shelter walls into fire pit sizes approx. 2 feet long, # 5- clean out the East shed removing and disposing of the Fridge, range, metal parts, old paint, etc.


This Spring Field Prep & Clean-up is tentatively rescheduled for Saturday May 18th @ 8:00am…… Due to the unusual abundance of rain this spring season, it has cause extreme wet  soil conditions at the field.  This date will be confirmed at the prior club meeting on May 16. Please check out the club website calendar and check your email for the confirmation of the date.


May 18 2019


8:00 am


RCCD Field